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    Want results? We get you results that matter. Sure other marketing companies can build back links and post on your social media sites. But none of that matters if you aren’t getting new customers or patients in the door. We get you new leads for your business. At the end of the day, it’s all about the right kind of results.


    The digital frontier doesn’t need to be a daunting landscape. Our future-focused, responsive designs will have your business blazing forward with confidence and producing results.


    Hassle-free, no-frills customer service is not a thing of the past. We keep the lines of communication open wide so you can have an easy Friday feeling anytime you need to get in touch.


SMC has the power and know-how to drive high quality leads right to your phone. We aren’t talking about leads that are impossible to convert. We are talking about people who are ready and willing to spend money on your services or products. We are talking about people that NEED you.


Our Portfolio


Latest from Portfolio

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    While most companies advertise to relocated families after they have already moved and settled in, New Market Services prefers to advertise to them before they move....

  • Cooper Dental Group

    Cooper Dental Group treats its clients in the Ormond Beach, Florida area like family. Their goal is to give their clients the information they need to make educated...

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    Impressions Dentistry focuses on providing a wide range of dental services, from general to cosmetic dentistry. Even dental problems that are widely regarded as...

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We handle everything from web design to business cards, SEO optimization to social media posts, and a whole gamut of options in between. Welcome to the world of integrated marketing solutions.

  • Web Design

    A website plays a large in role in both the effectiveness of our online marketing efforts and your credibility as a legitimate business. Having a professional and aesthetically pleasing website that is also functional for marketing purposes is essential.

    Original Content – Professional Design – Attention Grabbing Imagery – Lead Generation Capability – Social Media Integration

  • Marketing

    Our comprehensive, integrated approach touches on all the important sectors of online marketing. We have found that an approach that is well rounded and cohesive yields the best results for our clients. That is what we are all about: getting you the results you want, and exceeding them over time.

    Fully Integrated – Highly Targeted – Market Research – Multi-Platform – Results Driven

  • SEO

    Get found! SEO, or search engine optimization, will help your website and your brand be recognized by people searching for the services you provide online. You’ll get in front of the right people at the right time, and the results will be self-evident as new people engage with your business.

    Keyword Research – On/Off Page Optimization – Blog Creation – Link Checking – Analytics Setup & Tracking

  • Mobile Integration

    Around 50% of local online searches are done from mobile devices. Shouldn’t you have an online presence that is mobile friendly and geared to today’s highly connected consumers? We only create websites that are compatible with mobile devices like phones and tablets.

    Responsive Site Design – Mobile Friendly – Mobile Ads – Touch-Sensitive Elements

  • Reputation Management

    Reviews can make or break a business these days. Whether we like it or not, online reviews hold a lot of weight. Our team will optimize sites on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Yahoo to generate online reviews. We can help foster positive reviews across many platforms to boost your status and credibility.

    Online Reviews – Public Relations – Local Listings – Online Directory Optimization

  • Social

    Grow your brand with social media! Social media marketing gives your brand legitimacy and exposure. It lets everyone know you are relevant, active, and that you care about your customers’ views and concerns. Our experts will take care of posting, tracking and monitoring fan/follower growth.

    Social Media Setup – Fan & Follower Building – Maintenance – Fan Engagement – Social Media Advertising

Harness the power ofsocial media

Meet The Team


  • Gary Bird


    Freakishly attracted to SEO and Internet media marketing, Gary is passionate about the success of each one of our clients. Like a watchful guardian at the city gates of old, no hour is too early or too late for him to jump into action.

  • Ryan Hemphill


    A natural go-getter and talented digital handyman, Ryan is our resident Tech Whisperer with a tendency of untying any Gordian knots we throw his way.

  • Matthew Pittmann

    Client Relations Manager

    A lover of people and art, Matt prides himself on being creative and exploring new terrains of knowledge, while still giving and helping others to the best of his abilities. He is the resident FIFA Champion and will test your soccer trivia any day of the week.

  • Jennifer Piekut

    Project Manager

    Jennifer moves projects from the client to our creative team and back again in a whirlwind. Luckily, she has the energy to keep up with the quick pace. She loves playing soccer, running, hiking, and biking. In her free time she enjoys cooking, painting, reading, and traveling with her boyfriend and her dog.

  • Andy Gillis

    Quality Analyst

    When I’m not tracking leads for SMC, I love being outdoors with my daughter or playing music with my buddies. I’m in the process of learning American Sign Language, as well. Communication is essential!

  • AJ Nichols

    Lead Strategic Analyst

    AJ is our quality control analyst. He tracks leads for our company and analyzes incoming calls. He assists in training phone operators for many of our clients to ensure customer service excellence.

  • Luke Baird


    Luke is our newest intern eager to help us with any app modifications needed. He enjoys cracking the code on your biggest web problem and reading and fine arts in his free time.

  • Anastacio Jeronimo

    Quality Analyst

    I’m Anastacio Jeronimo. I was born in Angola and I moved to California four years ago for school. I now work with SMC National and I love what I do. When I’m not working at SMC I usually gather with my friends and play soccer.

  • Joe Kirby


    Our master architect for everything website-related, Joe has the uncanny ability to stay productive with mere minutes of rest each night.

  • Denise Karapinar

    Quality Control

    Denise has worked in the creative field in one way or another since she was in High School. She enjoys many forms of expression including photography, illustration, graphic design, and writing.

  • Steve Garcia

    Sales & Media

    Steve entered the world of advertising after earning a degree in Fine Arts and finding a love for business. His experience spans management positions in newspaper and broadcast as well as agency work. He has operated his own agency for more than 20 years and has integrated SMC’s campaigns into his client’s ad strategies for the past 5+ years. Steve now supports new business development and client services with SMC.

  • Ryan Pereyra


Multi Platform integration

Our Method

All marketing concepts can be divided into the two major categories: • Outbound Marketing • Inbound Marketing


Outbound marketing focuses on an “in your face” type of marketing. You are trying to sell something and everyone knows it. Communication is a one way street. You disseminate your message to large markets and hope to reach the people who are looking for your services. Outbound marketing is like casting a wide net and hoping to catch some fish.

Outbound marketing had its heyday, but in our modern era, it is no longer the marketing strategy of choice. Outbound marketing still has its place in modern marketing. You will see us using it from time to time when it is appropriate and effective, but for the most part we favor inbound marketing.


We focus our efforts and energy on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a more targeted, stealth version of marketing. People are saturated with “in your face” advertising wherever they go. We all start to just tune it out at some point.

Inbound marketing focuses on providing value to the customer. We turn marketing into a conversation, as opposed to a one way channel. Inbound marketing focuses on providing education, entertainment, and value to the customer in order to establish their business as an authority. This increases your businesses value, and your reputation.

Our Company

We bring a tireless energy to every project because everything we do impacts your ROI.  Our team is a dedicated collection of web designers, graphic designers, social media gurus, SEO architects, administrative coordinators, and account managers who are all committed to providing you with top-quality visibility in the evolving marketplace.

We work with your business on a month-to-month basis with no contract to tie you down.  We are confident in our ability to produce the highest ROI for you by generating qualified new leads and converting them to paying customers.
Our goal is to create a fully integrated, cohesive, highly targeted marketing strategy to grow your business, generate buzz, and create ROI.

What Our Clients Say

At this point of the day we are at 144 new patients for the month and have another 15 on the books to date. We have a total of a 159 if everyone shows and of course that could continue to grow. I love, love, love this advertising company. You guys rock!!

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